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Monday 9th November 2020 

@Smart Fit, Unit 5, Campbell St, Preston PR1 5LX

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Want to be a better you?

Our 6 week challenge has been created to get you back on track with your health and fitness goals working with our dedicated and passionate team of fitness industry professionals , we will completely change your approach over the next 6 weeks working with our motivating team helping you burn fat, tone up and to finally get you the sustainable results you’ve always wanted.During our challenge we will guide through the 6 week process day by day, week by week giving you exclusive inside knowledge that most fit pros will not share unless you’re spending £££s with them, our tried and tested methods have been used over the last 14 years of competing at the highest level both in the U.K and Abroad. You will get access to all the tips and tricks that will lean and sculpt your body over our next 6 week challenge, you will be working alongside other likeminded challengers that are pushing for maximum results just like you. 

 We will tailor your diet to suit your requirement’s, give you access to our mobile phone app that will track results in realtime, we will take a before picture (client confidentiality is paramount), weekly weigh, measure and body composition check and make changes as we see necessary we will also add you to our private coaching group so that you can share your experience and interact with fellow team mates on the challenge. 

 Give us 100% and WE GUARANTEE RESULTS !!Invest in yourself today and join us on our next 6 week challenge we look forward to working with you,Andy, Gaynor and all the Team

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